Swift 县 Administrator

The 县 Administrator is the administrative head of the 县 and is responsible for overall management of 县 services and operations.  

Services and Responsibilities:

  • Assuring that all 县 board policies are implemented and provides overall coordination and management of 县 functions as directed by the 县 Board
  • Working to build consensus within 县 organizations and between other governmental entities and serves as a resource to all 县 departments to resolve management issues
  • Coordinates the budget process and is responsible for a $16.7 million annual budget
  • Directs and manages the 县’s human resource's function
  • Recommends organizational changes to promote efficiency and accountability
  • Coordinates long-term planning to address future 县 needs, conducts analysis and re搜索 in order to provide recommendations and options for the Board and serves as a point of communication between the Board and 县 offices, 机构, cities and townships. Reports directly to a five-member elected Board.